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So very true posted on 24 Apr 2010 18:44

The following pages give a flavor of the Lava HDL and how it can be used to describe circuits for implementation of Xilinx's Virtex family of FPGAs. These pages assume a good understanding of Xilinx's Virtex FPGA architecture and of the Haskell lazy functional programming language. The number of people that know about both can easily fit inside a medium sized elevator.

(c) Satnam Singh — The Lava HDL

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Another quote posted on 23 Apr 2010 18:31

«Have to trust someone to be betrayed. I never did».

(c) Captain John Price, CoD: MW2

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Sage Wolf Horo's Wisdom... posted on 16 Apr 2010 11:12

«Males really are best when chasing down their prey».

(c) Spice and Wolf II, ep. 10

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