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Random thoughts... posted on 27 Jun 2011 05:48

Here goes:

  • They've got a machine that takes coins and updates your credit card account. I want one!!!
  • The high-and-mighty AT&T can't even stream internet radio stable enough… Yuck…
  • Donuts at 50 cents per item are… AAAAAARGH…
  • Why is it they love surveys so much? Already had 3 surveys sent to my home about the quality of service in different places I've been to. Nasty…

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Redmond, WA - 1:11 posted on 26 Jun 2011 07:14

So, a week done — eleven weeks to go. A status update, so to say =)

First of all — GET A CAR! I made a huge mistake when decided not to get a driver license a couple of years ago. 'Cause in the US you either have a car and don't have any problems… Or you don't have a car and have all the problems in the world =) The whole country seems to be tailored around having a car. The shops, the infrastructure, the cities themselves… You get the picture =)

Second — all Americans are addicted to discounts. I already have 4 discount cards, several personal accounts and an inch thick stack of coupon offers in my trash bin =) This is simply crazy! Don't see the point in all of this. But — on a side note — some things here are sooo cheap compared to prices back in Russia =)

Third — for apparent reasons I can't say much about what I'm currently doing at MSR, but I can tell you that it's really interesting. Surprisingly, the overall feeling is very similar to what I'm used to in my University, but a couple of things are simply done better. And we have free drinks of any kind =) Maybe we'll be able to use this experience =)

I'll try to think of what else to tell you… But for now — bye! =)

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Redmond, WA - First Impressions posted on 20 Jun 2011 06:03

OK, just wanted to drop a few lines while I still have a chance =)

I'm at Redmond right now, almost no jetlag present… Enjoying myself and prepping for the first day of my internship =) No photos, but many impressions. The most interesting one is that the people here are very friendly. Maybe it's my luck, maybe it's Redmond, but still — hearing «Good morning» from a complete stranger in the morning or getting invited to a house to drink some tea or being given a ride back home … I can't imagine anything like it happening in Saint-Petersburg, but here…

At any rate, I'm fine, I'm looking forward to my internship. And I'm gonna try to keep you guys posted about my status in Redmond. Tiil next time!

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Life Update - MSR posted on 15 Jun 2011 17:56

OK, a quick and happy update - in less than a week I'm starting my 12 week internship at MSR Redmond. Of course, this blog will be your main source of info about it. If you're interested, feel free to drop by from time to time and read the stuff I'm gonna write… If not, you're gonna miss a hell lot of fun =)

Till next time!

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