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Happy New Year 2013 posted on 31 Dec 2012 19:46

What I did this year:

  • Had my second internship at MSR. Was fantastic. Met a bunch of awesome folks there, both old friends and new ones. Michael, Gena, Sveta - you're the best!
  • Attended my first ICSE. This is some sick stuff, mates. The sheer amount of brains gathered in one place is staggering. Deals quite a blow to your self-esteem as well.
  • Tried out C++11. First time using C++ as a main language in a serious project. Variadic template magic may and will fry you. Other than that, it went better than I expected.
  • Reconnected with a couple of old friends. It's amazing how that can just happen out of thin air when you least expect it. But it happened, and I'm very happy for that.
  • Missed yet another two of my friend's weddings. Why doesn't anyone like to have a winter wedding for a change, huh?
  • Did a talk about Scala at ADD 2012. Went horrible from the presentation point of view, but was very refreshing non the less. Note to self — do practice a little bit more…

I'm positive I missed a lot of other things, but that's not the point.

The point is — Happy New Year, mates! May the new 2013 bring you even more stuff to do, places to visit and fun to have!


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Comments: 0 : Rating: 0 posted on 24 Jun 2012 06:00

Just a small (and kinda useless) update - on some strange whim decided to buy myself a new domain. And did it - this blog (or whatever) is now accessible under Cheers!

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Life Update - MSR Again posted on 15 May 2012 07:13

Yup, that's right, mates, I got accepted to MSR for an internship. Again. And I started here at Redmond. Today. Woot-woot!

This being my second time here gave me a nice edge compared to all the first-time interns. Was really nice to know how everything works and what you should and should not do right from the start =)

But the project ideas my team has are … very challenging, to say the least. The possible impact is quite big as well, and that's good. Makes you actually wanna do stuff and all =)

I won't promise you to do regular updates, but will try to do so. Cheers!

PS: Weather here in Seattle area is fantastic at the moment. Hope it stays that way till August =)

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ADD 2012 posted on 12 May 2012 13:30

Hey mates, just finished my talk about Scala and Java EE at ADD 2012. Loved the discussion very much, was a very enjoyable conversation. Thank you all for coming (if you're reading this).

And if someone missed the talk and wants to fix it, here are the slides.

UPD: Here's video of the talk itself. Feel free to bash on it:

I personally think the talk was horrible, what about you? =)

UPD2: Комментации на русском приветствуются! (добавлено по просьбе анонима)

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