Redmond, WA - First Impressions

Posted on 20 Jun 2011 06:03

OK, just wanted to drop a few lines while I still have a chance =)

I'm at Redmond right now, almost no jetlag present… Enjoying myself and prepping for the first day of my internship =) No photos, but many impressions. The most interesting one is that the people here are very friendly. Maybe it's my luck, maybe it's Redmond, but still — hearing «Good morning» from a complete stranger in the morning or getting invited to a house to drink some tea or being given a ride back home … I can't imagine anything like it happening in Saint-Petersburg, but here…

At any rate, I'm fine, I'm looking forward to my internship. And I'm gonna try to keep you guys posted about my status in Redmond. Tiil next time!

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