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Posted on 26 Jun 2011 07:14

So, a week done — eleven weeks to go. A status update, so to say =)

First of all — GET A CAR! I made a huge mistake when decided not to get a driver license a couple of years ago. 'Cause in the US you either have a car and don't have any problems… Or you don't have a car and have all the problems in the world =) The whole country seems to be tailored around having a car. The shops, the infrastructure, the cities themselves… You get the picture =)

Second — all Americans are addicted to discounts. I already have 4 discount cards, several personal accounts and an inch thick stack of coupon offers in my trash bin =) This is simply crazy! Don't see the point in all of this. But — on a side note — some things here are sooo cheap compared to prices back in Russia =)

Third — for apparent reasons I can't say much about what I'm currently doing at MSR, but I can tell you that it's really interesting. Surprisingly, the overall feeling is very similar to what I'm used to in my University, but a couple of things are simply done better. And we have free drinks of any kind =) Maybe we'll be able to use this experience =)

I'll try to think of what else to tell you… But for now — bye! =)

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