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Posted on 07 Jul 2011 05:53

Status update, yay!

  • The Independence Day was CRAZY! Somehow I remembered the Airborne's Day — a lot of crazy people shouting crazy stuff and doing crazy shit =) The craziest folks were the officials — several billion dollars went BOOM in the fireworks. But it was totally worth it. When I make myself post the photos, you'll see what I mean by that.
  • Will Evans is coming to MSR. For those of you who's not into CS (I guess that's about everybody who's reading this), he's one of the world's leading researchers in clone detection. Really exited about this opportunity. Oh yeah, baby…
  • I know it's a little bit strange thing to hear from someone who went to MSR on his own accord… But I already hate MSVS and TFS. This whole thing is too damn complex and rigid. Git to the rescue — had to adopt double repo strategy to make development less painful =)
  • I've got over 200 TV channels here. And there's nothing to watch =)

And a question to those who actually read this =)

  • MacBook or Thinkpad? And please elaborate why =)

Till next time!

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