ThinkPad that's ... not a ThinkPad?

Posted on 07 Jan 2010 11:37

Yup, that's right. Lenovo finally crossed the line in the ThinkPad series — I'm talking about «ThinkPad» Edge.

A photo of ThinkPad Edge

Many reviews state that «this thing is great — and that's what ThinkPad series needed for a very long time». But in reality…

  • That's not a ThinkPad — that's an IdeaPad. Who (when sober) would want a glossy ThinkPad with all kinds of fingerprints on it, huh? And on top of that — it has a plastic silver-painted-edge-that-tries-to-look-metal. Yuck…
  • The normal keyboard is gone — we have a Chicket-type keyboard now. Yes, it looks solid, it may feel nice to type on, etc. But why, Lenovo? Because MacBook has it — so we must have it too? And to fit that into the frame we remove «not needed» keys like SysRq and Scroll Lock. Bye-bye, Linux users — you are not welcome anymore. I seriously think ThinkPad Edge will have HUGE compatibility problems with Linux.
  • And (to top it off) we can now enjoy a nice big 16:9 … glossy mirror screen. I don't want to hear about «glossy screens have better colors or contrast or anything else». This may be true in some cases. But Lenovo had already shown us that it can make good matte LCD screens (X200/X200s as an example very close to Edge). What — you're gonna render some heavy 3D in Maya on Edge? Do huge amounts of video editing in Premier? Work in Photoshop? On that 13-inch screen? Yeah, right. And if you don't even need better colors — I say «go with matte».

So that's basically it. Lenovo just tries to use the well-known brand ThinkPad to boost sales of an average consumer-level notebook with «bells-and-whistles», that's all. I'm starting to wonder — what next?..

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