Happy New Year 2014 (belated)

Posted on 03 Jan 2014 22:50

So, yet another (this time somewhat belated and chaotic) sitrep from yours truly on how year 2013 went for him. Here goes:

  • I fell in love. I'm serious. I fell completely and utterly in love. With fricking C++11. Java, you've been a great partner, but it's over now. I won't be coming back. Ever.
  • Saint-Petersburg hosted a bunch of AAA conferences like CAV and FSE. I visited only a couple of workshops (didn't have the time or the money for the main course), but enjoyed them immensely.
  • After mixing up a lot of things here and there, I'm really starting to feel old. Teaching stuff to inexperienced students does very little to help with this feeling =)
  • A bunch of friends and colleagues had their firstborns. Nothing to add here except for: Congratulations!
  • A lot of really-really awesome stuff happened at the very end of 2013. Won't be spoiling here, don't wanna jinx it =)

And, as usual, Happy New 2014, mates! May the Fun be with you! =)


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