Katanagatari - personal "Best 2010 anime" right now

Posted on 14 Feb 2010 21:04

It smells of plum. And tastes like "Amber dream". Has a very soft touch. And is relaxing to watch.

Yup, that's what "Katanagatari" is like. A very solid original work by Nisio Isin and a great anime adaptation so far by White Fox. Reminds me of "Spice and Wolf" and "Asatte no Houkou" — calm, almost stagnant most of the time. Slowly moving around and tickling your feelings … going BOOM the very next second leaving a bitter-sweet aftertaste. Making you think about things you never would've thought about in your everyday life.

And, of course, a nice mix of humor is there — I would've not loved it without it =)

To sum it up — try and watch it. You'll love it right from the start. Or hate it. Decision is up to you =)


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